How to get a cosigner for a student loan?

How to get a cosigner for a student loan?



Cosigning a student loan


Parents are the most common when it comes to cosigning student loan, a cosigner can be any trusted adult who is economically capable. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins are just a few options.


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However, you need to understand the risks involved when getting a loan with a cosigner, as they are held responsible for the loan repayment even in the case that you don’t finish college. In case you fail to make payments, student loan cosigner requirements will not only cover the past due amount but also the total interest fees and other charges accumulated. You should only turn to private student loans with a cosigner once you have run through all other possible funding sources, like federal student loans and scholarships.

Student loan cosigner requirements


Do you need a cosigner for a student loan and can you get a loan with a cosigner? If you need a private student loan, below are some things to consider before requesting someone to be your cosigner.


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Credit History


In the case of private student loans, most debtors will need a cosigner who has a satisfactory credit history and a reliable source of income. Your cosigner needs to have a low debt to income (DTI) ratio, and a history of making payments on time. Creditors will readily approve your loan if your cosigner’s credit score is 720 and above. A credit score between 680 and 720 for your cosigner means he or she may still be able to help you secure bad credit loans with a cosigner, but the interest rate will probably be higher.




Adjacent to a good credit history, creditors will also look at the stability of your cosigner. This takes into account the job history; in addition to the length of time your cosigner has lived in his or her home. You’ll want to select someone who has worked for the same company for at least a year or longer and has verifiable income. The longer the period, and maintenance of a steady income, the higher your chances are of securing student loans with bad credit cosigner.


Good Health


The age and health of your cosigner does matter only the student loan cosigner responsibility. If you choose a cosigner who has poor health, or over the age of 65, you could be in for a bad revelation later on. Some creditors include a provision in the loan agreement that allows them to demand full payment of the loan on the death of your cosigner. Also the creditor could place your loan in default, even after making all the payments on time. This can happen without any notice and essentially ruin your credit.




You may think that your parents are most of the times not the only ones who can cosign a loan for you. Other relatives as well as a friend or a spouse, may act as your cosigner. Anyone with a good credit history and the inclination to help you could act as your cosigner. Just keep in mind that this is a binding contract and if you fail to make your payments or default, you are not only looking at damaged credit, but also obliterating your relationship with your cosigner.

How to remove cosigner from student loan?


student loan cosigner requirements


Can a cosigner be removed from a student loan? How to remove cosigner from a student loan is by using a cosigner release, which will require you to prove that you can pay back the loan by yourself. It is suggested to outline a contract prior to asking someone to act as your cosigner, including details about how you plan to repay the debt, like establishing automatic payments, plus a phrase that states you will compensate any missed payments and/or levies over the period of the loan.