How to get a better credit score fast?

How to get a better credit score fast?




The normal determinants of raising your credit score apply although it may take you a longer period to achieve your objective. Several calculated steps and decisions regarding your credit when timely taken, could assure you of fast built credit score.

Automatic bill payment


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The basic timely payment of bills is one of the determinants of what credit score you get. It has become almost normal for many people to forget or postpone the payments. To save you the trouble of dealing with the consequences of late bill payments and slow growth of credit, automatic payment arrangements with your bank works well. This ensures that bills are paid by or before the deadlines set. This significantly improves your credit payment history and is the fastest way to build your credit score.

Being an authorized user


This is one of the surest ways of fast building your credit score. You do not have to put in so much, but you stand to enjoy significant benefits on your credit. Itinvolves convincing friends and family members, especially those with perfect credit scores, to add you as an authorized user of their credit cards. You will not necessarily be using their credit cards, but the good credit history in their reports will also reflect in your credit report. It takes a few months before your credit report significantly changes positively as a result.

Increasing credit limits


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This may in other words mean that you are, first, eligible for more credit and that you are more credit worthy. If you request your credit provider to increase your limit from $1,000 to $ 3,000, it raises your credit score very fast. You do not have to use the credit to the limit but, credit providers and reporting agencies will significantly notice the change implied.

Card balance payment before end month


It is a norm to pay card balances owed at the end of the month, and mostly days after the due date. This terribly harms your credit score. To build your credit fast, you can change your payment habits and start paying card balances twice or more times a month before the due date. Maintaining low credit card balances really works on getting a better credit score fast.

Use of different forms of credit


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Additional forms of credit to your current ones help in building your credit fast. For instance if you have a credit card for gas and grocery payments, getting a mortgage, car or student loan will significantly and spontaneous raise and build your credit. It portrays evenly distributed trust among different credit providers, and gets your credit score up fast.

Direct payment to creditor rather than collection agency


When seeking and shopping for credit, you apply directly to the credit providers, for this reason, it is more appealing and right when you pay directly pay to them. Payment to a collection agency mainly show debt payment struggle on your part. Credit providers mostly pass the responsibility to a collection agency after you have defaulted in payments. Continuous payment to creditors directly will fast build your credit.


These are some of the proven ways to build your credit fast. How fast your credit score goes up basically depends on the intensity of measures applied. Averagely, it takes between 6 to 12 months to build your credit score fast from a bad score to a desired score. Application of these measures can save you a lot of damage and loss due to financial emergencies especially in these times of financial uncertainties. Take full responsibility of your finances today by placing yourself in a safe position to allow you credit quickly in hard and unforeseen times.