What is the highest credit score possible?

What is the highest credit score possible?




A credit score is a numerical rating relative to a standard scale, based on the person’s credit history, which determines the availability and terms of credit by lenders. The credit history is in regard to the total debt owed, public records available, extent and severity of late payments and the type, number and age of bank accounts held. Financial lenders, consumers and decision makers make up the majority of the credit score users.

What is considered a good credit score?


Different credit score models are used in determining the credit score, but the most widely used one is the standard FICO credit score scale, which ranges between 300 – 850, with the higher numbers reflecting better credit scores.


highest credit score


A good credit score is that which will get you approved for credit but not necessarily guarantee the lowest rates and the best terms available in the market. It ranges between 700 – 749, in the FICO scale. Therefore, any score within the range is considered a good credit score. The highest credit score is the highest rating a specific person can attain in regards to his past financial activities.


It is subjective and varies among different people due to different financial capacities. Someone can have a 650 as his highest credit score even if it is generally a fair score, based on his financial capacity and activities, while another maybe at 720 as his highest, which is generally regarded as a good score.


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In the current financial times, characterized by a lot of uncertainty and emerging trends, a perfect credit score would be unattainable, as it would only exist in a perfect and ideal market, which we don’t live in. It would mean a rating of 850 as per the FICO scale, which is the highest credit score possible.


This score can only exist at probably zero balances with very high credit limits, a long spotless credit history and no negative marks on your credit report, which is nearly impossible. This score is way over the required to access the best rates and terms and it would only be motivated by bragging rights, recognition or other financially irrelevant personal motives.

Highest credit score you can have


credit score you can have


In pursuit of the perfect score however, a person can attain the optimal score, which is the best credit score. This is a credit score of 760 according to FICO, which allows the best rates in the market, the highest credit limits and terms from lenders. This score can be maintained by:


  • Ensuring timely bill payments, keeping a clean credit report and low balances on your credit cards.
  • Efficient communication with your credit card lenders. This increases trust and shows commitment in servicing your debts.
  • Non-cancellation of credit cards; credit utilization determines the score and withdrawal of a credit card will definitely lower your score from the optimal.
  • Ensuring no mistakes on your credit report: as much as errors are inevitable, they may negatively affect your credit score if not regularly checked and corrected.

Benefits of highest credit score possible


A good credit score is therefore, that which allows smooth approval of credit, reasonable and fair rates and terms of credit from lenders. A consumer as a result enjoys benefits including:


  • Proper debt management; it ensures you don’t have too much debt, as it can hurt your credit score and also not using any debt can be damaging.
  • Access to students loans; allows easy access and timely financial intervention especially with the rising costs of tuition.
  • Access to mortgages; with demand for homes being on the rise, borrowers are assured of fair amount, rate, and terms of credit.
  • Securing employment; it comes in handy as it assures employers of your responsibility, honesty, and good financial management skills.