How to read an equifax credit report?

How to read an equifax credit report?




Equifax was founded in 1899, and is one of the oldest credit bureaus in the US and is based in Atlanta Georgia. Equifax primarily provides credit reports and related information to businesses and individuals, in a wide range of industries including insurance companies, banks, credit unions, government agencies, healthcare providers, retailers, financial companies and many others.

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Equifax sells credit reports, providing detailed information on the credit history of an individual. This information allows credit grantors and other interested parties to ascertain whether to advance credit to a client or not. In the credit report, an Equifax credit score is given based on among other things, credit bill payment history, current credit, types of credit and other public records.


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Equifax has its credit score scale ranging from 280 - 850, with the former as the worst credit score possible and 850 the best maximum credit score possible. Equifax credit score range is almost the same as FICO credit score range, which is 300 - 850. All Equifax clients, are entitled to one free Equifax credit report annually. On request though, especially in cases of denied credit, Equifax can send an additional credit report at some fee.


Like other credit bureaus, Equifax credit report has an outline almost the same, to avoid confusing the consumers and users. It happens that a person can get a credit report from different reporting agencies, thus need to have and maintain the standard Acrofile Plus layout.

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In addition to other information, the Equifax credit report provides, employment information, public records, personal information and address, safeescan alerts, et cetera. With allthis information, it is considerably easy to read understand the credit report. In addition Equifax offers tutorials, manuals and an active help line and portal to answer any questions the customers may have on anything concerning the credit report content.


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Equifax customer service is among the best there is in the world over. Customers have the option of making enquiries and complaints online or through phone by speaking to a live person. The latter is the most used form, which is very efficient but requires you to have your Equifax account number ready.


The Equifax customer service representatives are available from Monday - Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm, and closed through the weekend. Normally, the wait time to talk to a live support person has been reported by many customers to be 6-10 minutes. This allows ease in disputing credit reports, solving and correcting errors, which ensures proper credit monitoring by Equifax.

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With time Equifax, has come up with other secondary services such as the Equifax fraud alert service, which basically shows possible fraud attempts on your account. This is by using the safescan software, which is able to monitor the security movements regarding your credit cards and the alerts reported in the credit report, improving service delivery and customer satisfaction. Especially in the corporate world, where cyber crime has really escalated, Equifax through this security service is able to prevent fraud and report any attempts in the annual Equifax business credit report.


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With approximately 9200 employees, Equifax has offices in 24 countries in North America, Central and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific region, serving more than 820 million consumers and more than 91 million businesses worldwide.


Equifax is very reliable in matters finance as it provides credit information services, which help users to make sound credit decisions. Among the top credit reporting bureaus, Equifax stands out as a reliable financial partner.