Where can I check my credit score?

Where can I check my credit score?




The credit report is normally a detailed document, with so many words and content. However, of all the information in it, the most relevant thing is the credit score. This is the numeric result of all your credit behavior and activity. The credit score mainly ranges from 300-850 and each credit score explains and means different credit worthiness. Most of the credit reporting bureaus and agencies provide tutorials and information explaining how to go about checking your credit score from your credit report. These credit bodies provide you with an annual credit report, which allows you to check your credit score for free.

Where can I check my credit score for free?


It is important to regularly check your credit score as it helps you keep track of your credit behavior, not to mention allowing you to predict future consequences of your credit decisions. Checking your credit score will save you a lot of trouble and help you identify among other things; credit account activities and timelines, unfair charges, addresses, old accounts et cetera. As a result you are able to file credit report disputes and correct the errors if any.


where can i check my credit score for free


All the major credit reporting agencies and bureaus make a lot of money by selling credit scores. It is unrealistic as you are meant to buy what is actually yours. With time this has changed as services such as credit management has come up, whereby you are not just allowed to check your credit score, but also monitoring the activities in you credit reports.


Equifax, Experian, CreditXpert are some of the credit bureaus where you can check your credit score for free as long as you are a member. What happened is actually these bureaus started selling credit monitoring facilities rather than the actual credit score. This is in addition to the annual credit report sent to you, as per the government’s federal law.

Check your FICO score


At the end of the credit report a figure between 300-850, for the case of the FICO standard credit score range is indicated. Each person has a distinct credit score, different from another persons. The credit score defines your credit rating and worthiness as, excellent, very good, good, fair, poor or very bad. This is what determines how you will relate with credit providers in matters credit. This credit score is an aggregate of among other things in your credit report, your payment history, type and limits credit just to mention but a few. This is how you get to check the credit score in your credit report.


free credit score check no credit card required


Today, so many changes in the financial sector have happened such that you can check your FICO credit score in other places other than the credit bureaus. Major banks in the world allow you as a customer to check your FICO credit score through them. These banks have partnered with FICO company and therefore, you are able to check your FICO credit score through the bank.

How often can you check your credit score?


Being an additional service to entice customers, the banks allow you to check your credit score unlimited times, while some just allow checking of credit score in pre-determined regular limited times. In addition to the banks, other credit intermediaries allow you to check your credit score without requiring your credit card either at a fee or at an attempt to sell you a credit facility or service they are offering.


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Your credit score is one of the personal responsibilities that you should assume to ensure, your financial life is in check. Regularly checking your credit report at least assures you that there are no errors and are corrected if any. Your effort to check and enquire about your credit report also helps improve your credit score very quickly. Therefore, it is important and very significant to understand how you check your credit score, as it is the path to financial success.