Where & How to pay credit card bill?

Where & How to pay credit card bill?



How & where to pay credit card bill online?


If you are asking yourself if you can pay credit card bill with another credit card, the answer is yes. You are able to generate disbursements through the subsequent techniques of how to pay credit card bill online like:


Online Banking: Activate your online banking account, secured with an IPIN, then login and assess your credit card acquisitions, statements, payment due dates and unsettled sums. Online Banking is the quickest way to pay your bill as the reversal time is typically instantly or on the same day.


can i pay credit card bill with another credit card


Debit Cards: Through this facility, clients can choose their card type, input the card number and confirm the compensation through a payment gateway. The operation is processed instantly.


NEFT/IMPS: Login to any other bank’s online banking service and make an allocation of money using the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) or Immediate Payment Service (IMPS). To make a disbursement, you can access the Internet Banking facility of the bank of your choice. Choose NEFT and input the info correctly including beneficiary name, account number, bank, branch and IFSC code. NEFT can take 24 hours to be dispensed. For IMPS, you can use the same procedure but it will be processed immediately.


Bank Browser and Mobile apps: Banks have browser options and mobile applications, which can be used to make payments for the credit card bill. Mobile apps are convenient as you can make payments from anywhere and at any time. Basically login to the app, select credit cards and make the payment.


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Standing Instructions: You can fix instructions with your bank, such that a pre-determined amount is deducted to cater for your credit card bills periodically. You can choose to always pay partly or wholly of the amount due.


Other portals: Banks may have connections with other businesses to avail suitable ways to pay your credit card bills.


Gains of paying credit card bills online are that, it saves time and effort, it can be done from the comfort of your home or office, it is safe and secure, all records are easily available, you control how you pay and making online payments is eco-friendly.


Significant instructions to monitor while making online payments are:


  • Check your credit card statements before paying
  • Confirm the processing time
  • Provide accurate information

Offline credit card payment methods


can you pay your credit card bill early


  • Electronic Clearance Service (ECS): fix standing orders with a bank to make payments for your credit card monthly.
  • Debit cards: expend your debit card at the ATM to clear your credit card fees by choosing the preference of bill payment and abide bythe instructions of the ATM.
  • Over the counter: go to any branch of the bank and recompense your bill over the counter in cash which usually has a service charge.
  • Checks and Demand Drafts: write out a checks favoring your credit card and deposit it in either a drop box or a check payment machine. These are available at the bank’s ATMs or branches.
  • SMS: it needs to contain the whole or part of your savings or current account number and your credit card number which typically has a maximum limit on the amount you can pay.
  • Credit card statement: is a letter covering your credit card activity for the month. Your acquisitions will be documented and charged in your statement showing the total amount you owe, the minimum amount due and the due date.


Can you pay your credit card bill early? Yes you can. Once you notice that your credit card bill is due on a particular day, it doesn’t matter when you recompense as long as you’re on time. In reality though, you lose out by paying early, as the money is not being invested or earning interest.