Is closing a credit card good or bad?

Is closing a credit card good or bad?




In case you have trouble with uncontrollable spending, it’s best to eliminate the tool that makes it so easy to get into trouble. However, don’t just cut them up, cancel a credit card because doing so buys you time to learn how to manage credit responsibly without a constant temptation to over spend.


how do you cancel a credit card


The correct way to terminate an account takes a considerable span of time, endurance and orderliness. How do you cancel a bank card and what is the right way to cancel? A step-by-step answer to this question is give below:

Right way to cancel a credit card


Identify whom to communicate with

To commence the procedure of terminating the account, collect and inscribe the customer assistance number and the postal address you'll require. The client assistance number is on the back of your charge card, monthly statement and the issuer's website.

Recall to cash in rewards

It is unavoidable and ordinary to lose some accumulated rewards when a card is closed which can be minimized with planning. You should inspect the rewards balance and reclamation processes on the vendor’s website. Cash-back cards usually have the easiest redemption features but majority of them need rewards to reach certain thresholds before redeeming for a statement credit.

right way to cancel credit card


Recompense your surplus completely

Recompense your charge card fully or transfer the balance if you can find a balance transfer card with better terms. If you don't want any more charges accrued to the card until the balance is paid, you can communicate this to the vendor and request that the card be frozen. If you typically carry a balance monthly, you will be required to pay the full statement balance two months in a row to clear the balance and halt additional interest charges from accumulating.

Convey the update

When you get in contact with the bank's customer service representative, check that the balance on your credit card is zero after which you inform them that you are terminating the card.

Dispatch a letter

Pen a short cancellation letter to the card issuer. Ask for written confirmation of the account's closure including your name, address, phone number and account number, and details from your previous phone call. Similarly, inform them that you want your credit report to echo that the account was closed at the consumer's request.

Is Closing A Credit Card Good Or Bad


Practice patience

Succeeding in cancelling the card may take a month or more. After that time, review a copy of your credit report to ensure the account is indicatedas closed. If the account appears open, repeat the process and incase that fails, file a dispute through the credit bureaus. However, if that doesn't work, file a dispute with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Inscribe proceedings

As you go through the process of terminating your credit card, you may want to preserve detailed summaries on who you spoke to, what they said and when. This way, if something is erroneous, you will have all the facts recorded. Although it may be worth momentarily postponing closure of a bank card, if you are in the market for a new loan or mortgage, canceling a bank card shouldn't affect your credit score, as it’s minimal and temporary.


Is closing a credit card good or bad? Closing charge cards will never help your credit score and the appropriate question is if closing accounts will hurt your credit score. How much your credit score is affected depends on different factors like payment history, utilization rate, credit history and mix of credit.