How quickly can you get a credit card?

How quickly can you get a credit card?



How quickly can I get a credit card?


A majority of banks will get around their stakes and only say it usually requires 7-10 days. This approximation comprises the time it takes to handle your request and for you to obtain the credit card via mail therefore, there is some window period allowed.


how quickly can i get a credit card


There are three conceivable aftermaths: You can be immediately accepted, immediately repudiated or you can be given communication that your application requires additional appraisal.


The question how quickly can I get a credit card is answered below. The credit card issuer may need a person, instead of a computer, to appraise your request and formulate a decision. The credit card endorsement time can be prolonged by something as inconsequential as authenticating your private data due to some inconsistencies in your request info and your credit dossier, but then, it may also mean that the issuer is apprehensive about its disclosure, particularly if you presently have additional credit line with them. If you are in no hurry to obtain a new card, simply let the appraisal run its course.

Two types of credit card applications


On approval, certain credit card vendors will advance the dispatch of the card for free, while others will charge a nominal fee. How long to get a credit card? To answer this question, certain issuers won’t advance for any reason, but it doesn’t harm to inquire. If your request resolution is still pending, you can call the credit card request status phone number and query them if there is anything you can do to speed up the appraisal. The specialist will appraise your application with you and authenticate whatever info they might require. There are normally two types of credit card applications: ordinary and immediate resolution. Depending on the bank so be sure to verify which application you are filling out to get an idea of what to expect.

Ordinary Requests


get a credit card


If accepted, it will take about 14 days from the day you requested to get your credit in the mail, regardless of whether you filled out the form online or spoke to a agent on the phone. In any ordinary request procedure, candidates are asked to avail their complete private particulars and data on their financial obligations. This data is then revised by the credit card company, which can take 5 to 10 operational days.


Requesting by normal mail will take the longest to expedite for numerous reasons. First, you have to contemplate the time it takes for the request to reach the credit card company from your mailbox. Then, the request needs to be entered by hand into the system. Though, if you request for a credit card that is connected to your existing banking society, you could get a quicker response as your present relationship makes it easier to verify data.

Immediate Resolution Applications


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If permitted, it will take about 10 days from the application date to get your credit card in the mail. These requests are retrieved via the internet, and typically offer a reply within minutes of submission after which they need to check.


  • Character confirmation – they want to ensure that the individual filling out the form coincides with the data on the application. This is to confirm that it is not an imposter making the application.
  • Credit score assessment – contingent on the negative. Your credit report might be acquired from one of the major credit bureaus or all three. This is the vital deciding element that shows if you are getting approved or not.


Previously, immediate resolution credit cards were allocated for candidates with the best credit ratings. Currently, these credit cards are accessible to people with different credit scores. Consequently, this is a more prevalent choice among credit card candidates. You could have a low credit score but because your application was originally rejected doesn’t mean you have no luck of getting the card.