Different credit cards for gas

Different credit cards for gas




Numerous general-purpose cash back credit cards include gas or gas station purchases as a regular revolving classification, while others have permanent cash back on gas only. When deciding which isthe best credit card for gas purchases, payclose attention to any expenditurerestrictions, productconstraints, and time restrictions.


The best gas cash back credit card rewards offer you the most vital and common commodity available, which is gas, to fill up as you see fit. Financial analysts came to the conclusion that gas cash-back rewards with gas station pre-authorization are as much as three times more popular than any other rewards, like travel rewards or accommodation rewards programs. The "gas cash" can be redeemed for fuel, or even general household purchases. Giveclose attention to interest rates, which can occasionally be superiorto those of non-rewards credit cards. If you are looking for gas reward credit cards with highest gas cash back rewards, then the following are recommended.

Discover it Chrome


Pays 2% cash back on at-the-pump gas and dining purchases made in the U.S., up to a collective $1,000 per quarter. All through your first year of membership, itspontaneously doubles all the cash back you receive.You also get 1% unrestricted cash back everywhere else, low fees, including no annual fee, and a relatively low purchase APR.


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Chase Freedom


A general-purpose cash back credit card that offers 5% cash back on purchases up to $1,500 in trimestral revolving classifications. All other purchases earn 1% cash back, with no spending restrictions or earning limits. There's a sign-up bonus and a solid intro APR period.

Discover it


This is a general-purpose rewards credit card that offers 5% cash back on purchases up to $1,500 in trimestral revolving classifications. Gas station purchases reliably rotate at 5% at least 1 quarter per year, and occasionally more. All other purchases earn 1% cash back, with no spending restrictions and you get double your cash back in the first year.



Pentagon Federal Credit Union - this credit card offers unrestricted 5% cash back on at-the-pump purchases at all U.S. gas stations. There's no yearly payment and the cash back is routinely bestowed as a statement credit each month, with no reclamation minimums. Other benefits include low APR and minimal fees.

BankAmericard Cash Rewards


BankAmericard - accumulates 3% cash back on all U.S. gas station acquisitions and 2% cash back on grocery store acquisitions, up to a $2,500 combined quarterly limit. All other purchases earn 1% cash back, without restrictions or exceptions. Importantly, there’s no annual fee.


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Chase Ink Cash


Chase Ink Cash is a business credit card with 2% cash back on joint gas station and eatery purchases, up to $25,000 per year. This gas card also offers 5% cash back on office supply and infrastructures purchases, up to $25,000 per year. All other acquisitions earn 1% cash back, with no spending limits or earning restrictions. Other remunerations include a nice sign-up bonus, no annual fee and relatively low APR.

Chevron and Texaco Techron Gas Credit Card


Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage Visa Card automatically offers an unrestricted $0.03 fuel credit on gas purchases made at U.S. Chevron and Texaco stations. There’s no cap on any credit you can redeem for an unrestricted number of gallons after you clear the spending threshold each month. This card comes with exclusive Chevron and Texaco offers, but its high APR could be problematic.


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Since most families own at least one car, and gas is consequently anessential expenditure for most people, it is no surprise that gas is a popular credit card rewards category. However, consider combining your gas card with a general-purpose rewards card that offers cash back on a wider range of purchase types with no gas station authorization hold.