Where can i use my firestone credit card?

Where can i use my firestone credit card?




Nevertheless, the fine print makes clear a few requisites that prospective cardholders ought to be cognizant of before applying. The Firestone Complete Auto Care card is a credit card designed for use explicitly at Firestone localities.


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Firestone proffers the card via a third-party funding establishment, Credit First National Association (CFNA). Since this is a retail card, it is not accepted at ATMs or merchants other than Firestone. Potential clientele can make a firestone credit card application online or in person and the approval typically takes a short time.

Where can i use my Firestone credit card?


When the card is operational, the cardholder may use it at Firestone, similarly as any other credit card. The client can expense the cost of wheels, car maintenance and other acquisitions on the card and elude interest charges by reimbursing the balance monthly. Any balance that transfers to the next month accumulates interest at an annual percentage rate of 22.8%, as commencing July 2016.


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Where can I use my firestone credit card? The Firestone Complete Auto Care credit card is acceptable in at over 1,600 Firestone facilities countrywide and has no annual fee. The most significant reward of this credit card is a zero-interest deal on major acquisitions of $299 or greater. The only conditions are that the cardholder should adhere to the payment plan and honor the least payment on time every month and disburse the full acquisition in six months. Inability to do so leads to fees and the termination of the zero-interest capability.

Firestone credit card benefits


Supplementary paybacks comprise of intermittent superior evaluating on wheels and auto care. Firestone offers these agreements entirely to cardholders. The billing is paperless, and clients get email notices regarding future due dates and additional significant account statistics. As the card's main reimbursements originate from creating recurrent acquisitions at Firestone, specific acquisitions of quite a few hundred dollars or more, clients with numerous cars who purchase wheels get their vehicles serviced entirely at Firestone profit most.


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Clients who only handle business at Firestone minimally and pay up front for tires and auto repairs will profit less from the card. For these clients, the infrequent cardholder reserves may not be enough to validate having another credit card payment to manage. Relatively, a number of competitors have cards equal to the Firestone Complete Auto Care credit card. Discount Tire's zero-interest promotion is similar to Firestone's but proposes even more advantageous terms to big financiers. Cardholders who expend above $1,000 at Discount Tire have nine months to reimburse with no interest, and those who spend above $1,500 have a full year. Only $199 is required, rather than the $299 required by Firestone, to get six months of no interest.

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The Firestone Complete Auto Care credit card's APR was 22.8%, from July 2016, but the fine print specifies this percentage is subject to alteration at any time. The card also transfers a $1 minimum finance charge for any cardholder who is charged interest. Reimbursing late results in a $15 fee for surpluses under $100 and a $35 fee for surpluses of $100 or more. CFNA, the third-party creditor that governs the card, got negative to mixed customer appraisals. Lack of communication and continually altering credit terms embody two of the most communal grievances made about CFNA.


Render a CFNA Firestone payment online, by mail or by telephone. CFNA needs to get your compensation by 5 p.m. on the due date to dodge a late compensation charge. If you want to cancel your virtual payment, log into your account and select the relevant option, find the payment you wish to cancel and click the Cancel option and click Cancel Payment in the validation communication window, recommends Credit First National Association. If you need to alter a disbursement, log into your account and select the View Payments preference. Under Scheduled Payments, locate the compensation you want to alter, get on the Edit option, and make the required variations, positions Credit First National Association.