How to get an anonymous credit card?

How to get an anonymous credit card?




In previous cases, people have succeeded in discovering various anonymous virtual credit card options through Internet searches, where you could acquire a number, expiration date and even CVV2. The difficulty was that they were just virtual cards and not physical cards that could be swiped. Whereas this virtual credit card was magnificent for Internet acquisitions and even delivery shopping, it didn’t offer solution for daily requirements, like buying fuel or provisions, in which case a physical swipe able cardis compulsory.

How to get an anonymous credit card


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Fortunately, today anyone of the links you encounter will yield positive results in the event that you are looking to buy an anonymous credit card. For instance, a link leads you to Ryan Barrett’s site and his analysis on anonymous prepaid debit cards, which includes some physical cards. If you read the analysis, you will come across the Vanilla Visa prepaid debit cards, which can be obtained, from CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens and several other places. There are some “service fees” associated with these cards when you purchase it, which are minor compared to the services and convenience offered. The fees are $3.95 for a $25 card, $4.95 for a $50 card, and $5.95 for a $100 card, which is all worth the fee because you get a truly anonymous product.


Even though this card is anonymous and doesn’t have your personal information linked to it, it does not mean you make use of it virtually. When shopping virtually, you can use any address you desire for the shipping address since there is no personal information connected to this card. One of the disadvantages with this card is that, if you try to buy something, which costs more than the residual remainder on your card, it will be rejected. Meaning that you will be required to make an anonymous credit card payment for the variance in price with cash in advance to paying the outstanding amount with your card. Some good options of anonymous credit cards to choose from include.

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Using Blur, which is run by the private company Abine. It is a paid service that legally allows you to use fashion disposable credit cards by choosing how much you want to allocate to a card, and a “masked card” is spontaneously created. You can obtain a new card as need be and the costs on the credit card will show up as ABINE, INC. The fee of the service MaskMe Premium is $5 a month which also gives access to masked phone numbers, masked Emails and the MaskMe apps for iOS and Android.


Entropay is another, which, allows you access to fashion virtual credit cards.


AnonDebitCard is an anonymous credit card, which is issued from a European bank.


By means of Bitcoins, though the transactions are only partly anonymous.


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Simon American Express Gift Card; which is not reloadable, though you can load it with $500 using cash. You are not required to provide the vendor with any personal information to procure the card. Though, by accessing their website, you can connect any name and address to the card, therefore you are able to use it with dealers that do checks. Non-reusable credit cards are also convenient if you wish to procure online from a business you are not familiar with or trust. Your card will not be connected to any bank account.


Amazon Gift Cards; they can be anonymous if procured with cash. A large number of Internet pages accept Amazon Gift Cards as a method of payment; therefore an Amazon gift card can bean anonymous checkout gateway.


how to get an anonymous credit card


Robert Siciliano, an identity theft professional and creator of, concurs that there's nothing like 100 percent safety or confidentiality no matter what you implement. Therefore, as shoppers, we should implement levels of security to alleviate the hazard.